Women Warriors Art Journaling


Start by listening to your spirit . . .

I love that statement.

I love everything about it.

How do you begin something new? A new hobby or activity in your life? You start . . . by listening to your spirit.

We are starting a new Art Journaling Group in the shoppe this week, friends. We are calling it “Women Warriors Art Journaling”, and I am so extremely excited for it. Art Journaling is a wonderful creative process combining written words with visual art and gathering those things in a journal or sketchbook. What I love most about the idea of Art Journaling is that it really is a process and way of making art that YOU control. You can share (or not share) your pages with whomever you wish. It is a free form of creating that really is just for you. Because I often find myself making art for others, I like the idea of art journaling strictly for myself.

Here is our plan for our Women Warriors Journaling Group: Each time we gather, you will receive a “packet” of goodies following the theme of Women Warriors. (Images, words, quotes, papers, ribbons, stickers, embellishments, etc..) that you can use for making a few art journaling pages – all following in the theme of strong, powerful Women Warriors. We will be celebrating and recognizing women from ALL different walks of life. Political, religious, entertainment, or none of the above. We wish to recognize ALL WOMEN for who they are and what they do (or have done) in their lives.

When you join us for a class, we’ll chat a bit about that sessions packet, I will share MY pages made with the images and items, and then you can feel free to start working on your journaling pages. We will have lots of variety of supplies and goodies on the table to use in our journals. If you are stuck, talk to others around you. We will share ideas, techniques, and inspiration. This is your time to sit with like minded creative souls and do something for your creative spirit. Let us build each other up, my friends.

Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world that it was crooked.

If you are interested in joining our group, call us to get on the list for each session . . . and join us! Right now, class is $25 for each session. If we increase gathering to twice a month, I will adjust the pricing to make it more affordable for you.

I am looking forward to this so very much, friends.

See you then!

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