“Green Acres” . . . via Art Journaling!

Sometimes things get a little silly here in our Shoppe. And it often evolves around singing . . . (we are a bunch of music lovers, I must say!) This week, during our regular “Song Lyric Art Journal Class”, we took a turn and brought the silly to the page with this hysterical rendition ofContinue reading ““Green Acres” . . . via Art Journaling!”

Too Soon? (We don’t think so!)

Oh, my friends . . . the recent cool weather in the midwest has me feeling all sorts of happy FALL thoughts. And as we finalize our October Calendar . . . all I can say, is that I am ready for the sweaters, jeans, football, pumpkin spice lattes, candles burning, and raking leaves!!! (IContinue reading “Too Soon? (We don’t think so!)”

THANK YOU Summer Craft Club!

As we approach the beginning of the school year, and all our friends return to their busy schedules of learning (and lots of fun, we hope), we wanted to just take a minute to thank our AWESOME Summer Craft Club Friends who spent 6 Mondays with us this  summer making art and flying with theirContinue reading “THANK YOU Summer Craft Club!”