To sign up for any of our classes or workshops, please call the Shoppe at 815-905-3068 and reserve your spot. If we aren’t available – please leave a detailed message on our voice mail (don’t forget to leave us your phone number!) and you will receive a return call within 24-48 hours to confirm your place!

Welcome to our FEBRUARY 2018 CALENDAR!!


Two turtle doves

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS – DAY 2: Two Turtle Doves – Wednesday, 2/21/2018 at 6:30PM to 8:30PM  $25

DO you know  that we have some AWESOMELY CREATIVE friends who take classes at our shoppe? And when one (or two, or even MORE) of them comes up with an idea for a class – WE JUMP AT IT!! This was the brainstorm of quite a few of our friends – to do a monthly “12 Days of Christmas” small art piece (we will follow the 12 days of Christmas and make one each month) that you can hang all together during the holidays! (Brilliant idea, don’t you think?) This month, it’s TWO TURLE DOVES! YAY! These will be made on a small 5″ x 7″ canvas, so you can hang them in a lovely size collage when all is said and done! And if you miss one – don’t worry!! We will offer MAKE-UP CLASSES in November and December for any that were missed throughout the year!  $25 workshop fee, includes all supplies and instructions. Call 815-905-3068 to register!


FRIENDS MIXED MEDIA: Thursday, 2/22/2018 at 6:30PM to 8:30PM  $35

Our special “GIRL” classes are a favorite of many! Join us tonight as we take some of our favorite handmade papers and turn it into a special 12″x12″ Mixed Media collage of two friends (or sisters, or mother/daughter, or whoever it may be). As will all of our classes, you can personalize the colors AND quote used to make your art project even MORE special! This is a beautiful way to celebrate a cherished relationship in your life. $35 workshop fee, includes all supplies and instructions. Call 815-905-3068 to register!


BLOCK OF THE MONTH: Easter Themed – Saturday, 2/24/2018 at 10AM to 12PM $25

Join is for our  super fun monthly “Block” project!! We have such a great time the last Saturday of each month – gathering just under two hours – and leaving with a lovely little art goodie you can enjoy all month long. This month we are creating with Our friendly Easter Bunny . . . And I love how the finished product came out. It makes an awesome hostess gift, too!  $25 workshop fee, includes all supplies and instructions. Call 815-905-3068 to register!


One of my lifetime dreams has always been to help create and encourage a safe environment where women could come together and share experiences and challenges they have faced, or are currently facing, in their lives – all while healing through art. I am not an art therapist (and would never claim to be), but I know that art has often helped me work through obstacles in my life. Art has helped save my soul countless times, all while helping me heal during times of tremendous anxiety and turmoil.
Starting in January 2018, we are so very proud to introduce a new monthly class in the shoppe called our “CREATIVE MINDFULNESS CLASSES”. The idea behind this program is to gather in the shoppe once a month to create a collage art piece with images, paints, words and doodles, done on a thick-high quality paper, as we talk (or just listen) through our experiences and stories. Each month will have a SPECIFIC THEME of focus. (Themes will range month to month – including ‘balance’, ‘finding happiness’, ‘BEing’, ‘meditation’, and more). Please call the shoppe for more information. 


Creative Mindfulness Class FEBRUARY theme – What would you Say to the Young YOU? Collage:  Monday, 2/26/2018 at 6:30PM to 8:30PM  $25

(PHOTO OF PROJECT COMING SOON!) There is a wonderful video circulating on Facebook this month of a conversation between women discussing how we often don’t speak kindly to OUR OWN SELF. We beat ourselves up over things that we would never even consider saying to another woman. Why are we so hard on ourselves? Tonight I want us to take some time exploring how we talk to ourselves, and focus on giving our own self love. So many of us will have a story to share. Some of us just want to work through our own experiences. Bring an enlarged copy of a photo of yourself from MANY years ago (a little girl YOU, perhaps in the size of 5″x7″ or larger), and join us tonight as we each make our own healing collage on the subject of SELF LOVE.  $25 workshop fee, includes all supplies and instructions. Call 815-905-3068 to register!


MARCH 2018


OPEN ART NIGHTS/DAYS: Various days/nights – check calendar **$5**

Join us for our monthly Open Art Events!  Do you need a few hours of “me” time? Has it been months since you did something creative? Bring your own projects and supplies and spend some time in our shoppe away from the hustle and bustle of life. ** OR ** Have YOU gotten into the latest adult coloring craze? Bring your own supplies (or purchase a new coloring book and some pencils from us), grab a friend and perhaps a bottle of wine, and join us during our Open Art Nights/Days! These Open Art times are just for YOU! If you need suggestions of things to work on – we will have kits and materials for sale to get you started! Give us a call just so we know to expect you! (We might close the shoppe early is no one attends, so please call if you would like to come!) $5. Call 815-905-3068 to reserve your space!