To sign up for any of our classes or workshops, please call the Shoppe at 815-905-3068 and reserve your spot. If we aren’t available – please leave a detailed message on our voice mail (don’t forget to leave us your phone number!) and you will receive a return call within 24-48 hours to confirm your place!

Welcome to our DECEMBER 2018 CALENDAR!!


WELCOME HOME! Christmas Door on Canvas – TUESDAY, 12/11/2018 AT 10AM TO 12PM  AND  6:30PM to 8:30PM $40 

We had a number of friends interested in this project, so we are offering a DAYTIME class from 10am to 12pm on 12/11, and an EVENING class from 6:30pm to 8:30pm that very same day.  The idea for this piece came from my very own LOVE of a RED DOOR HOME . . . and Christmas is the very best time to showcase the festive color, don’t you think? Join us as we create this really charming 11″x14″ canvas. You will be able to personalize this piece by selecting from a variety papers for the home, as well as different topiary prints, AND items on your door wreath. This is going to be a really fun class, friends. Please consider joining us!  $40 workshop fee, includes all supplies and instructions. Call 815-905-3068 to register!

O Holy Night

Oh HOLY NIGHT on CANVAS – THURSDAY, 12/13/2018 AT 6:30PM TO 8:30PM  $35 

Join us for a really special night of Christmas Spirit and reflection as we take some beautiful papers and vintage Christmas music sheets and make this lovely “Oh Holy Night” canvas piece. It IS the reason for the season, after all. Done on a 12″x12″, you will just cherish it every year! $35 workshop fee, includes all supplies and instructions. Call 815-905-3068 to register!

Snow FamilySNOWMAN FAMILY – MONDAY, 12/17/2018 AT 6:30PM TO 8:30PM  $35 

Snowmen are a HUGE favorite of mine (almost as much as coffee!) and I created this sweet snowman Mixed Media piece last year, to represent my own snow family! Join us for this really fun 12″x16″ canvas workshop where you can personalize your snow family any way that you like! (You can EVEN include SNOW PETS, if you’d like!) $35 workshop fee, includes all supplies and instructions. Call 815-905-3068 to register!

OPEN ART NIGHTS/DAYS: Various days/nights – check calendar **$10**

Join us for our monthly Open Art Events!  Do you need a few hours of “me” time? Has it been months since you did something creative? Bring your own projects and supplies and spend some time in our shoppe away from the hustle and bustle of life. ** OR ** Have YOU gotten into the latest adult coloring craze? Bring your own supplies (or purchase a new coloring book and some pencils from us), grab a friend and perhaps a bottle of wine, and join us during our Open Art Nights/Days! These Open Art times are just for YOU! If you need suggestions of things to work on – we will have kits and materials for sale to get you started! Give us a call just so we know to expect you! (We might close the shoppe early is no one attends, so please call if you would like to come!) $5. Call 815-905-3068 to reserve your space!